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KK2 Paddle Key Kit

  • New redesign in steel & aircraft grade aluminum for less mass & smoother feel
  • Fully machined on new, state of the art Computer Numerical Control machinery
  • Fully adjustable spring force and contact gap for individual feel.
  • Finger paddles may be installed in “up” or “down” position
  • Close tolerance machining & superior design produce exceptionally smooth & solid feel
  • Aluminum parts Mil spec Type-II Anodized
  • Accurate machining & simple design provide for easy assembly
  • Heavy, rubber-footed base stays put on your bench - weight 11/2 pounds
  • Allen wrench for assembly included
  • Base supplied raw, fully machined; all other parts finished & ready to assemble
  • And a LIFETIME GUARANTEE just like everything we make!


 KK2 Builders Manual (rev B)


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When an order is placed through PayPal, a confirmation email is immediately sent by PayPal. We also receive this same email, so please rest assured that we have logged your order into our books. No other order confirmation will be issued. Your KK2 Iambic Paddle Kit will be shipped within a few days after our receiving the order, unless otherwise stated.

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KK2 Iambic Paddle Kit US Orders: $75.00
KK2 Iambic Paddle Kit DX Orders: $95.00
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Ordering by mail

Item Cost CA Cost
KK2 Iambic Paddle Kit US Orders $75.00 $81.38
KK2 Iambic Paddle Kit DX Orders $95.00 n/a

* 8.25% tax included for California residents.

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