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Camelback Classic Key

The AME Camelback Classic Straight Key emulates the classic camelback design with modern features:
  • Ball Race Bearings
  • Rare Earth Magnet Return
  • Nickel Contacts
  • MIL-spec Anodized Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel and Brass Hardware
  • Exotic Hardwood Base

The AME Camelback's precision machining and modern materials allow for a straight key with amazingly smooth and precise action. The ball bearings provide nearly frictionless motion with seemingly zero play. The extremely strong neodymium rare earth magnet provides return force from zero to very heavy. The weighted hardwood base adds to the solid feel and keeps the key planted. The AME Camelback comes fully assembled in Paduc.


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Camelback Classic Key African Paduc US Orders: $197.00 ($184 + $13 shipping)
Camelback Classic Key African Paduc DX Orders: $206.00 ($184 + $22 shipping)
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Ordering by mail

Item Cost CA Cost
Camelback Classic Key African Paduc US Orders $197.00 ($184 + $13 shipping) $197.00 $213.75
Camelback Classic Key African Paduc DX Orders $206.00 ($184 + $22 shipping) $204.00 n/a

* 8.25% tax included for California residents.

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